The wait is finally over: Fleksy keyboard has been taken over by Thingthing Ltd. and we’re back on track! #fleksyisback

We and the team at Thingthing are super happy to announce that with this initiative, Fleksy’s development will be led by Thingthing’s team and will become the world’s first Keyboard as a Platform (KaaP), a service platform to help users access and share what they need inside any app by using Fleksy. New outstanding features will be added to your daily mobile activities by the only independent private keyboard in the world.

Who are Thingthing?

The team has solid experience in app development and creating and growing businesses. Their vision is a seamless user experience which is not only fast, but also private, and integrated with many apps and extensions that make typing an effortless task. Thingthing’s vision is Just type because they believe in a future where you type and the keyboard does the rest. A fast typing experience that feels connected, unified and private.

Why Fleksy + Thingthing?

The integration of both apps will create a comprehensive app, and the company behind is independent, making it more focused in the user experience. Every development and new service is thought through via the user’s lenses and with privacy in mind.

What does it mean for Fleksy users?

Well, lots. Here are the exciting improvements coming up in the next few months.

First, development is taken care of and more exciting features launched such as:

  • New Themes & Extensions will be added to the mix
  • New refreshed brand and app look & feel
  • Strong respect of data privacy (as always)
  • Improvements to the autocorrection
  • Great services and integrations
  • Ongoing support to Fleksy users

If you want to learn more about our new team & company, click here.

If you’d like to share any comments, ideas, suggestions and, mostly, praise (we love that), you can find us here:
: @fleksy
email: support(a)fleksy(dot)com