We’ve been hard at work to make your Fleksy keyboard even better.

After billions of words typed, and millions of downloads – we are super excited to announce the launch of our major update, Fleksy 3.0. The new Fleksy introduces a beautifully re-designed look & feel, adds 17 new languages, and for those who love customizations, the option to get additional premium features through the Fleksy Store.

So far, Fleksy has been widely recognized for its iconic look & feel, and improving on that was no small feat. Our designers took Fleksy down to the pixel level, and after many attempts, the result is the new, elegant, “Jet Black” Fleksy look. Considering that you look at a keyboard 180 times and for about 1.5 hours per day (!), we want to make sure we provide the most comfortable, beautiful and enjoyable experience possible.

Make no mistake, this update is not just making a pretty face even prettier… 🙂 We’ve packed significant accuracy improvements across all languages for you, so you can crank out those messages even faster than before, and more comfortable than ever!

Fleksy Store will be launching with six all-new color themes including, “Deep Blue” and “Liquid Sky”. Sound pretty cool for customization fans? Well, as an added bonus, all paid Fleksy users will get a free premium theme of their choice, in addition to the new Jet-black theme which is available to all.

Also launching are 17 new languages, with improved accuracy for all 37 supported languages. The long list of new languages includes Hebrew, Croatian, Lithuanian, Albanian, Norwegian, Tagalog, Catalan and much more (even more coming soon!). As the new languages are still new, please let us know if you notice anything unexpected.

We will continue to build a premium product and bring more next-generation features in the coming updates. The journey to Happy Typing has just begun!

Available NOW on Android, coming soon to iOS 8.

Happy Typing!

Download Fleksy from Google Play