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Unlock powerful building blocks to grow your business

Unlock powerful building blocks to grow your business

Building something is fun, especially when you have all of the right pieces and they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. When you’re a kid, Legos are the tool to achieve your mastery. As for a multi-million-dollar company, that tool is code. That is why Fleksy decided to create the most adaptable puzzle piece of them all — The Fleksy Keyboard SDK. It’s versatile, flexible, and fits into your most ambitious projects in no time at all, defying the unthinkable!

Our resilient SDK has already helped build some awe-worthy milestones across several industries we would like to share with you. But first, what is Fleksy?

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Behind the scenes: How do fonts influence the way you type?

When you think of communication, you might first think of phone calls, text messages or two people talking. As you think longer about it, sentence structure and tone of voice might come to mind. Some things said sarcastically can be laughable or amusing, but when said with a serious tone, it’ll give you the creeps.

What you might not think of when evoking communication is

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Behind the scenes: How can sound influence the way you type?

Fleksy sound design in the making

Fleksy has always been known as a highly customizable and unique keyboard. Part of what makes us so unique is the layout of the keyboard, look of it, as well as our gestures. But up until now, the one characteristic that was lacking this unique factor was our sound design!

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Build an ecosystem, build a platform… don’t just build a product!

  1. Map View flow

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6 reasons you should create a Fleksyapp — Interview with CEO, Vincent Gibson

ith another successful Fleksyapp launch in the books, our users can now watch TV from within their favorite messaging platform while they type. As you’ve probably guessed it, integrating companies’ content and services is difficult work and takes lots of precise engineering, communication, and design to bring it all together. Let’s take a look behind the scenes to see what that experience was like for Vincent Gibson, the CEO of VBoard, and find out why he thinks Fleksy is the app platform of the future.



1. What was the main driving factor for you to join the Fleksyapps platform?

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Newspaper, Radio, TV…Fleksyapps!

Remember what life was like before TV?

News took days or weeks to spread. Sure times were slower and some people liked it, but everything was really inefficient. Plus, kids were bored.

Once video killed the radio star it was game on! People could access world news faster than you could say “Rupert Murdoch.” With the flip of a switch, you were informed. Television opened the door for endless entertainment. From sports games to Newscasts and MTV the only restriction for watching TV was Read more

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Vimodji expands globally with Fleksyapps


Mini-app programs also known as Fleksyapps are on the rise! Hear one brand’s first-hand experience with creating a Fleksyapp, and how it helped their business thrive!

Vassilis Kallitsis is the Founder and CEO of Vimodji. He has 20 years of experience as a Film and Marketing Director. His passion is film and music and he envisioned Vimodji as a new language of communication among users who can share their emotions and feelings with quality content on the internet.

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How we reduced Fleksy’s size by 40% without losing any functionality

We have been receiving a lot of comments from our users regarding the need for having a light version of Fleksy. Not taking our user’s feedback lightly, we have been working hard on this improvement and we’re delighted to announce that our app size has been reduced by 40%!

Read on to see how we managed to make this great leap and bring an app store into the keyboard that will free up even more space!

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How We Built a Privacy-Focused AI

We have been receiving a lot of feedback from our users asking us how Fleksynext works and how we approach privacy with this feature. So we decided to give you a deeper view of the science behind Fleksynext.

Introducing Fleksynext!

Why Fleksynext?

The purpose of Fleksynext is to help you access the relevant services and content you need, quicker. The idea behind the “next” of Fleksynext is that Fleksy understands what app you need to use “after” finishing your sentence. So, there is no need for switching apps. Instead, everything can be done instantly within the keyboard.

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Tired of switching between apps?

Us too

The average adult has over 30 apps installed on his mobile phone while spending 23 hours a week texting. That got us thinking. At Fleksy, we pride ourselves for being the fastest keyboard in the world. So we decided to live up to our legacy and make you save even more time by going beyond typing.


Fleksyapps are apps like, Yelp, GIPHY, Skyscanner, Spotify, YouTube and more, that are embedded directly inside Fleksy keyboard and are always available when you need them. They’re with you during your conversation to assist you with everything you currently need to switch apps for:

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Crowdfunding: the best way to help your favourite keyboard help you!

We’ve all been there: we love a product (like Fleksy smartphone keyboard) but there’s so much more we would like to see on it (like new languages, or swipe). We ask them, and we know the team is listening, but it’s taken a while for them to develop… Why?

Well, in a startup there are very few people doing a lot of work. As we previously demonstrated on our article about charging for apps or themes, there aren’t enough hours in the day to develop everything we would like to, so we need more people to help.

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Why on earth should I pay for an app?

In today’s digital age, many users still have a hard time accepting to pay for apps, even if they use it every day and even if the app cost as much as two cups of coffee. The digital products we benefit from are considered to “exist” like the weather “exists”. So, they should be free, according to some.

However, it’s hardly possible to build a free product without either jeopadarsing the experience or doing nasty things with people’s data.

Let me explain the mechanics:

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The New Fleksy: the brand

After Thingthing took over development of Fleksy, a new era began. The new team, full of energy to build the most secure, fun & productive keyboard in the world was keen to bring Fleksy to new highs.

But, in order to complete the vision of a new breed of keyboard, a refreshed brand was necessary. After speaking to a few agencies, Fleksy chose Point, from the UK, due to their unique point of view on branding and a solid track record with other successful startups and companies such as Seedcamp, Thriva and more.

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Protecting people privacy from data-mining keyboards

After scandals such as Wikileaks, documents discovered and published by Edward Snowden, and many other privacy-related issues, it’s more than ever essential that anyone who uses a computer pays attention to who is watching and using their data. Everything you write and send over the internet can potentially be seen, stored and shared.

Of the top 3 keyboards today in the European market, two are owned by multinational companies: Swiftkey (owned by Microsoft) and GBoard (owned by Google). In exchange for services such as an alarm to leave for your next meeting, for example, Google makes users allow access to their maps, location, their meeting addresses and calendar appointments. Google also knows the location of your home and work, since they track the time you leave and return on a daily basis.

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Fleksy launches the first Keyboard as a Platform (KaaP). What do we mean by it?

We have been in the keyboard space for some time now. We watch how people interact with it, we hear their frustrations and we have our vision of productivity on a mobile. Gathering all that, we envisioned the KaaP, Keyboard as a Platform, which we predict is the way all people will use keyboards in the future.

Here's what we mean by it:

A few years back, when you wanted to find something you searched on the web. Today you have "an app for that". Apps have superseded browsers as the way-to-go for information and entertainment. The problem with apps is that we have a LOT of them (users have 30 apps installed on mobile phones on average) and we need to switch between them while chatting/emailing to access content - and let's not talk about copy / paste content from one app to the other, which is clumsy, when it works.

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Fleksy and Thingthing together!

The wait is finally over: Fleksy keyboard has been taken over by Thingthing Ltd. and we’re back on track! #fleksyisback

We and the team at Thingthing are super happy to announce that with this initiative, Fleksy’s development will be led by Thingthing’s team and will become the world’s first Keyboard as a Platform (KaaP), a service platform to help users access and share what they need inside any app by using Fleksy. New outstanding features will be added to your daily mobile activities by the only independent private keyboard in the world.

Who are Thingthing?

The team has solid experience in app development and creating and growing businesses. Their vision is a seamless user experience which is not only fast, but also private, and integrated with many apps and extensions that make typing an effortless task. Thingthing’s vision is Just type because they believe in a future where you type and the keyboard does the rest. A fast typing experience that feels connected, unified and private.

Why Fleksy + Thingthing?

The integration of both apps will create a comprehensive app, and the company behind is independent, making it more focused in the user experience. Every development and new service is thought through via the user’s lenses and with privacy in mind.

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Fleksy selected as “Best of 2015” on Google Play

We are incredibly proud to announce that Fleksy has been selected by Google Play as one of the Best of 2015 Apps!

2015 was a huge year for Fleksy; We saw the introduction of Extensions, Highlights, deep links to call that Uber right when you need it; Features that you've loved, features that bring Fleksy closer to the Future of Texting.

Most importantly, though, we saw Fleksy become 100% FREE once and for all.

Available in every platform, in over 180 countries, supporting over 50 languages, Fleksy users typed over 10 billion words in 2015.

We can't wait to show you what we have in stock for 2016.

Here's to another 10 billion!

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Fleksy wins Google Play Editor’s Choice!

So excited to announce Fleksy as the newest Google Play Editor’s Choice winner! After less than 1.5 years in the Google Play store, we are honored to be one of the few hand-selected for this award.

Editor's Choice is a prestigious award the Google Play editors give to the most trustworthy, reputable, and dependable apps. Fleksy was chosen for its excellent quality, sleek design, lightning speed and innovative use of Android features; the first major keyboard to integrate GIFs, emoji, and text all in one place. All of this makes Fleksy the world’s MOST expressive keyboard!

We have worked really hard to get here; constantly iterating, and innovating to bring the most convenient and efficient keyboard technology to our users. Ultimately, we wouldn’t have received this award if it wasn’t for our millions of users. Sending a big thank you to all of you for taking the time to give us feedback, and letting us know which features are the highest priority 🙂

Please continue to let us know how we can improve, so we can continue to be the best of the best!

Click here to check out the Google Play Editor's Choice page

Thank you,

The Fleksy Team 🙂

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Fleksy comes to Meizu devices and launches v5.3!

With today’s launch of the Meizu Blue Note, we're happy to announce partnership with Meizu to pre-install Fleksy on all Meizu phones worldwide!

Partnering with Meizu, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in China, is a huge step forward for us in terms of expanding our international footprint. Meizu users will receive the fastest, most customizable keyboard in the world for free.

We have some news for our non-Meizu users today too though... We just launched our Fleksy v5.3 update on iOS and Android! 5.3 also includes 2 new themes St. Patrick's Day themes, and engine improvements.

Oh, and for you iOS users, we're also bringing our most popular Android theme, Chameleon, to iOS. Chameleon changes color based on the app you're using, and is the first theme of its kind on iOS!


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Fleksy’s biggest update EVER. GIFs, Extensions, Themes, and more in Fleksy v5.0.

Oh boy. This one's a doozy everybody. We just launched by far the biggest update to Fleksy we've EVER released, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you!

After 3 million downloads in just over a year, we felt like we needed to do something huge to celebrate. So, we're revolutionizing how you input on your mobile devices with Fleksy by launching Extensions.

Extensions are customizable functionality enhancements for the keyboard, which turn Fleksy into a platform with multiple fun and useful input options.

We'll be the first Android keyboard with GIF support, making finding and sending GIFs as easy as emoji. We'll also be the first keyboard to function as an Android launcher. See the bottom of this post for the full list of Extensions available at launch. These extensions are just the beginning, we have a lot more on the way in the future...

Extensions are activated in the Fleksy app by assigning them to “Slots”. Initially, all users will receive 3 slots FREE, which can be used to set their initial Extensions. Extensions may be activated and deactivated at will, with additional slots available for purchase in the Store.

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Fleksy is launching pre-loaded on Xiaomi’s Redmi Note

We have yet another bit of exciting news for our fans over in Asia, as today we're announcing that Fleksy Keyboard is going to come pre-installed on all Xiaomi Redmi Note phones in India!

Redmi Note users will now be able to use the World's Fastest Keyboard FREE of charge as soon as they activate their devices. Fleksy will bring them game-changing speed and accuracy, combined with our award-winning beautiful design and fun additional features.

We're thrilled to have the chance to work with the great team over at Xiaomi to make a great device even greater with Fleksy. We've already had 3M downloads across our other supported devices, and we're certain this partnership is going to help build the Fleksy family even further.

Check out all the info on the Redmi Note at the official page here.

If you're not a Redmi Note user, you can always find Fleksy on other platforms at Fleksy.com.

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Fleksy Keyboard arrives on iOS 8

Today is a big day for us (and you!). iOS 8 launches today, which means iOS users will be given the choice to install third-party keyboards system-wide for the first time ever.

Today, Fleksy is bringing our unbeatable typing speed to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users in over 40 languages, and welcoming all our iOS friends to the Fleksy family!

Keyboard extensions are a brave new world for all you iOS users, and Fleksy is here to help you make the change a fast, fluid, and *gasp* even fun! For those of you to whom we haven't been introduced yet, Fleksy is the official World's Fastest Keyboard.

We use next-generation tap-typing technology and powerful gestures to deliver a faster, more accurate, more fun typing experience. Our speed, combined with our award winning design is part of why we're one of the most beloved keyboard extensions on Android devices (and now, iOS devices).

With Fleksy's colored themes and customizable keyboard sizes, we're bringing an unprecedented level of customization options to iOS. Plus, we've got all your favorite emoji, with over 800 to choose from! We even have a fun collection of badges you can earn as you type. Who said typing had to be boring?

Fleksy is available NOW from the App Store in 40 languages including English, French , Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Hebrew, Dutch and more.

Download Fleksy on the App Store today!

Happy Typing!

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All-new Fleksy 3.0: bold new colors, even more languages!

We’ve been hard at work to make your Fleksy keyboard even better.

After billions of words typed, and millions of downloads – we are super excited to announce the launch of our major update, Fleksy 3.0. The new Fleksy introduces a beautifully re-designed look & feel, adds 17 new languages, and for those who love customizations, the option to get additional premium features through the Fleksy Store.

So far, Fleksy has been widely recognized for its iconic look & feel, and improving on that was no small feat. Our designers took Fleksy down to the pixel level, and after many attempts, the result is the new, elegant, “Jet Black” Fleksy look. Considering that you look at a keyboard 180 times and for about 1.5 hours per day (!), we want to make sure we provide the most comfortable, beautiful and enjoyable experience possible.

Make no mistake, this update is not just making a pretty face even prettier… 🙂 We’ve packed significant accuracy improvements across all languages for you, so you can crank out those messages even faster than before, and more comfortable than ever!

Fleksy Store will be launching with six all-new color themes including, “Deep Blue” and “Liquid Sky”. Sound pretty cool for customization fans? Well, as an added bonus, all paid Fleksy users will get a free premium theme of their choice, in addition to the new Jet-black theme which is available to all.

Also launching are 17 new languages, with improved accuracy for all 37 supported languages. The long list of new languages includes Hebrew, Croatian, Lithuanian, Albanian, Norwegian, Tagalog, Catalan and much more (even more coming soon!). As the new languages are still new, please let us know if you notice anything unexpected.

We will continue to build a premium product and bring more next-generation features in the coming updates. The journey to Happy Typing has just begun!

Available NOW on Android, coming soon to iOS 8.

Happy Typing!

Download Fleksy from Google Play

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Here are the fastest typists on earth!

3500 players took on our World Record Challenge!

On May 14, Fleksy and Marcel broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to type on a touch-screen. Marcel used Fleksy on a Galaxy S4 to smash the previous records, held by Microsoft and Swype.

To celebrate, we set up the Challenge: beat Fleksy’s new record breaking time for the chance to win prizes!

  • 3500 Players
  • 1482 Raffle Tweets
  • 33 players faster than current World Record
  • Top 10 players faster than 16 seconds
  • 1 player beats all with an amazing time of 11.65 seconds

And although the attempts may not be Guinness sanctioned, and not everyone was using the same device, those are some pretty incredible numbers!

Without further ado, here are your winners:

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Fleksy Breaks the Guinness World Record for Fastest Texting

Take the World Record Challenge

“We’ve been passionate about building the most comfortable, beautiful, and fastest smartphone keyboard ever since we started. The Guinness World Record is a great testament to our progress, and we are pleased to now be the world’s fastest keyboard for smartphones.”

Ever since we found out about the Guinness World Record for texting on a smartphone, we knew we had to break it. Today, we are excited to announce that Marcel, a longtime Fleksy user, broke this Guinness World Record for fastest texting using Fleksy! His final time was 18.19 seconds. We actually found Marcel through a speed typing challenge we did in the past.

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Introducing the Fleksy Beta Community for iOS!

Since the early days of Fleksy, we have received an amazing amount of support and helpful feedback from people all over the world. The innovative ideas, suggestions, and bug reports from Fleksy users have been instrumental in shaping our vision and delivering a stable, quality keyboard.

Today, we are expanding our beta community to the iOS platform!

Here’s what you get for being a member of our beta community:

  • Early previews of brand new features, before they are introduced to our production builds.
  • Your input on Fleksy goes straight to our product and engineering teams. You will have a genuine input in our product and design decisions.

Up for the challenge? Help us build Fleksy to be even more awesome.

Click here to sign up for our iOS Beta Community.

Thanks in advance for making Fleksy even better!

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Journey towards accessibility: We are home!

To our VoiceOver user friends,

In January, we made the difficult decision to separate the VoiceOver version of our technology into a separate app.

It was not a decision we made lightly, but it was necessary. Since pursuing the ambitious plan to create a keyboard SDK that all iOS apps can use, we realized that the technical challenges of this strategy were pretty huge. It is no wonder that other keyboard companies, some much larger than us, have not managed to succeed in this feat.

We didn’t want to leave our community of blind users behind, but neither did we want to see people suffer from the inevitable bugs we would introduce in the process. Thats’ why we temporarily created a stable app for VoiceOver users to be used in the transition period.

Today, we are pleased to announce full accessibility is restored in our main app. Get the update and try it yourself: Fleksy on the App Store.

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Fleksy is awarded the 2014 American Foundation for the Blind Access Award

We are honored to be recognized today by the American Foundation for the Blind as a company that has made an impact for people with vision loss.

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Introducing Emojis and Personalization

We've combined the most advance touchscreen keyboard with the funnest and most creative way to express yourself while typing. Choose from over 500 of the most popular emojis. There's a perfect emoji waiting for you!

Fleksy is now more personal with the option to import your unique style of writing from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, SMS messages and personal dictionary to make touchscreen typing even more accurate.

Both features are available now on Google Play. Get Fleksy now!

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Clarification of Fleksy VO for iOS

As many of you already know, we recently launched Fleksy VO on iOS, an earlier version of the Fleksy app but one we believe is the best Fleksy version for VoiceOver users.

We have received and read all of your feedback. The majority of the feedback has been positive and we greatly appreciate it but we understand that there have been some concerns regarding this decision.

Our decision to revert to a previous version of Fleksy for VoiceOver users on iOS is only temporary. Our goal has always been to make Fleksy available to as many users as possible, but making this possible poses many challenges for developers like ourselves.

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Announcing Fleksy VO for iOS – A new keyboard for VoiceOver users

Our vision has always been to bring the best typing experience to everyone. We are working hard to make sure that we achieve this goal.

We are also working towards making Fleksy available to many more apps. The first attempts are already in the store and are successful in most aspects. However, we recognize that accessibility support requires significant work from individual developers and this has caused inconsistent typing experiences for our users.

We are dedicated to tackling this issue and for this reason - we have gone back to the drawing board.

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© Thingthing Ltd. Proudly patent pending.
© Thingthing Ltd. Proudly patent pending.